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Optohero is a brand for people who live life to the fullest. Our customers are just normal people, but they know how to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, and turn everyday experiences into great adventures.  We want you to Be a Hero of everyday situations. Whether your work is driving you crazy or you have no more energy to study, you are doing it for the reason. And the reason is to achieve something- to travel, enjoy the adventures, follow your dreams, and especially love your ordinary days - your job, your friends, family, apartment and everything around you. If you can find something nice and special in the everyday occasions that is what makes you a Hero. And by reading this you already are our hero, because you care.


Optohero reflect our paassions of spending less on tangible items and spending more on adventures and activities.From visiting new countries to exploring new restaurants ,we hope to encourage everyone to ,,Be a Hero,, , through our own lives.